Thursday, June 13, 2013

sent with love.

Today I mailed a few letters out! I have some more to send later on this weekend. Among the pile is an anniversary card, a fathers day card and some thank you cards! 


  1. Happy! What is the letter writers alliance??

  2. Molly- The Letter writers alliance is Great! Check them out at

    You can become a member through their site and get pen pals through your membership! I plan on doing a blog post on the letter writers alliance soon, so check back!

    1. Awesome, I'll be looking forward to the blog post! I would really like one good pen pal (probably all I have time for), but don't know how to find that as an adult. Maybe this is it!

    2. Did you see the blog post today about the letter writer's alliance? I am always looking for pen pals as well if you want one in addition to the one from letter writers alliance!