about me.

My name is Ellen.
I am a Graphic Designer.
I am 33.
I live in Virginia.
I am married to my best friend.
We have three crazy little cats.
We are expecting our first child in December. IT'S A GIRL!

I have had a passion for letter writing since I was little and as I've gotten older, that passion only seems to grow... so why not have a blog about it!

sending and receiving mail, fall weather, making my own stationery, wax seals, a good writing pen, anything pumpkin flavored, the smell of fresh cut grass, milk delivered from a dairy, cats, baking, cooking, paper, board games, sitting on my porch, hot chocolate with marshmallows, rain boots, stickers, a good book, a warm blanket on a cold night, strawberry pop tarts, my husbands beard, a good sale, being married, and sweet tea, chai tea, washi tape, my filofax, to-do lists, homemade icecream, taking pictures, traveling

the smell of gasoline, traffic, mushrooms, being late, when mail comes back as undelivered, when the post office is out of stock of the stamps I want, mean people

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