Friday, June 28, 2013


Today my husband and I move into our new house. It is my mama and papas old house that we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity of moving into! The move comes with lots of emotions, both happy and sad. We have redone the house over the past several months and look forward to getting all settled in while combining elements of us and my mama and papa. We look forward to making this old house our new home!

p.s  "What is home? A blend of memories and mortar...walls and roof and smells of breakfast cooking...a place of rest at the end of the day...a feeling of possession, of belonging...a place of hates, loves, anger... the center of things living.
     Home may be a mansion on a hill, a cramped apartment, a farmhouse, a hovel, a new contemporary split-level, the house your father built... but only to you and your family is it home. No one else may call it that. For home is a part of you!" (Taken from an old newspaper article found in our new home. Author Unknown.)

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