Friday, June 21, 2013

message in a bottle.

With summer here and trips to the beach coming up, it reminds me of messages in a bottle. When I was a kid my family and I wrote a letter, sealed it up and threw it into the ocean. I remember waiting to see if we would get a response from someone that found the letter, but we never did.

Thinking about it made me want to research it and see how the message in a bottle started. Here is some of what I found: (All information is from wikipedia, to find out more read here.)

"The first recorded messages in bottles were released around 310 BC by the Ancient Greek philosopher Theophrastus, as part of an experiment to show that the Mediterranean Sea was formed by the inflowing Atlantic Ocean."

"On April 17, 2013, a bottle was washed up on the shores of a beach on the mouth of the Neretva river, near Dubrovnik, in the far south of Croatia, a full twenty-eight years after being thrown into the sea in Nova Scotia, Canada-a journey of around 4,000 miles as the crow flies, but this bottle probably made a journey at least five times longer."
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Have you ever thrown a message in a bottle out to sea?

If not, I challenge you to do so this summer.

Here's How:
- Find a Bottle. (Glass or Plastic) To look like an authentic message in a bottle, use a beer or wine bottle
- Wash the Bottle. Wash Bottle out really well and then let dry completely.
- Write your Message. (Don't put to much personal information such as your age if you are under 18 or phone number. And if you have a PO Box, use that instead of your real address)
- Roll up your Message. Use tape or string to keep it rolled tight.
- Seal Bottle. If using a plastic bottle, use lid that came with it. If using a wine or beer bottle, use a cork.
- Drop Bottle in Water. A river is a great place, as it flows well compared to the sea or ocean.
- Wait. 

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