Thursday, October 29, 2015

my pets.

Oh boy, do I love my three little crazy cats! They are seriously my world... ask anyone!

Elliott Hobbes Gehring
He was the first cat that Zach and I adopted together when we were just dating. We adopted him from a local animal shelter. He sat up in his cage and put his paw in the air and meowed at us. We knew instantly that he had to be ours. I remember the day Zach picked him up and brought him home... he was so little that even a little collar wouldn't fit around his neck. He has been a great boy through 3 moves, two other cats coming into the house and a little baby human sister on the way!

He is our sociable cat. He greets us at the door as soon as we come home and he has to be in the room if there is a party going on. He loves catnip, toys, treats, bullying his brother and sister and his brown blanket. He loves to be picked up and given hugs. He pretty much lets you do whatever you want to him.

Anthony Arlo Gehring (Tony)

Tony was our second cat that Zach and I adopted together. We had no intention of getting another cat, but you see how that worked out. Ha! I went to Petsmart to buy cat food and I walked over to look at the cats they had for adoption. Tony climbed all over me and was the sweetest little thing. I left and went home, but could not stop thinking about this cat. I cried and cried thinking since he was a year old no one would ever adopt him. Zach finally said it was ok to go back and adopt him.

Now, tony tricked me in the store that day... he is the biggest scaredy cat of all times. He will not let Zach or I get anywhere near him, and he will make sure to go into hiding if anyone even gets close to our house. And boy oh boy does this cat meow A LOT! Even though he is our little weirdo, we love him so much. He loves catnip, cuddling with Elliott, going under the house and french fries.

Sparkie Gehring
I adopted Sparkie when I was in college from someone who had brought a bunch of kittens into the pet store I was working at. When I moved to NY I was not allowed to have any pets where I lived, so I gave her to my grandparents. Once I moved back to VA, they didn't want to give her back so they kept her. Three years ago, after both of my grandparents passed away Zach and I decided to have Sparkie come live with us.

Sparkie is our little old lady. She will be 15 next year. She is a grumpy little lady who hates both of her brothers but loves to cuddle with Zach and I. She spends most of her time out in our garage, as she likes to act out and pee on things sometimes. She loves bacon and hamburger, laying on our bed, hissing at both of her brothers and chasing her tail.

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