Tuesday, March 24, 2015

dear reader.

A pen pal sent me this article: Ace Hotel Hires Writers to Craft Letters to Guests.
Image from: acehotel.com
The Ace Hotel New York  is located in Midtown Manhattan in a historic, turn-of-the-century building. The Ace Hotel provides a modern twist on old-time classics and continues to refresh the hotel room experience.

The Ace Hotel in NYC and writer Alexander Chee recently collaborated to surprise guests with letters. The initiative is titled Dear Reader. One writer each month will be invited for a sleepover at the Ace Hotel New York. During the writer's stay they will craft an open letter to an imagined audience of hotel guests. On a surprise date each month, the letters will be laid bedside in each room (hand stamped and numbered) to be found and read.

Keep being amazing Ace Hotel!

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