Monday, March 30, 2015

box of sunshine.

A friend of mine recently got diagnosed with gastric cancer, so some coworkers and I picked up a few things to make her a box of sunshine to help brighten her day!

We grabbed a box at work and went to target to stock up on all things yellow! We filled the box with all of the yellow goodies and wrapped it with yellow tissue paper and raffia and topped it off with a cute sunshine get well card!

For a finishing touch, I decided to wrap the box in kraft paper and stamp a little sun all over the paper and emboss it with my neon yellow embossing powder!
Do you want to make a box of sunshine for someone? Below are a lost of some items to help get you started, but the options are truly endless!

Some ideas of yellow things to fill your box with:
• Picture Frame
• Coffee Mug/Glass
• Candle
• Chapstick
• Nail Polish
• Soaps
• Loofah
• Lotion
• Hand Sanitizer
• Straws
• Snacks
• Candy
• Juice Mix
• Cupcake Liners
• Gum
• Seeds to Plant
• Scarf
• Socks
• Magazine
• Book
• Crafting Supplies
• Stationery
• Pens/Pencils
• Stickers
• Post-Its/Notepad
• Hair Accessories
• Play-Doh
• Bouncy Ball
• Yo-Yo
• Bubbles
• Playing Cards
• Pet Toys/Treats

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