Thursday, October 10, 2013

stamps: poinsettia

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The USPS issued its newest stamp today rendering America's favorite holiday flower, the poinsettia.

The art on the stamp depicts the rich red and vibrant green leaves surrounding the flower-the cluster of small, rather modest cup-shaped structures in the center. The red "petals" that we think of as the flower are actually modified leaves called bracts. A potted poinsettia was used as the reference for this stamp. 

While considered by the ancient Aztecs to be a symbol of purity, the poinsettia today symbolizes good cheer. The gift of a poinsettia is said to bring wishes of laughter and celebration with it. 

The poinsettia says "Christmas" more than any other flower. This stamp with its vibrant colors will add a decorative and celebratory note to cards and letters during the holidays. 

William Low painted the stamp art and Ethel Kessler was the art director. Poinsettia is being issued as a Forever® stamp.

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