Monday, October 14, 2013

business cards for etsy.

I wanted to add a little something extra special to my business cards that I send out with etsy orders. I saw an idea on oh, hello friend and it got me thinking...
First, I cut some shapes and punched holes out of some paper I picked up at michaels. I got so excited, because the paper matches my blog perfectly!
Then, I designed some stickers in Indesign and printed them out on white sticker paper. AFter they were printed I used my 1" circle punch to punch each sticker from the sheet.
I then used some scratch off 1" circle stickers that I picked up on ebay. I placed them right on top of the sticker I had printed! 
This is what they will look like once scratched off! I printed various types of stickers. Some with quotes and some with discount codes. It will be a surprise when you get it in with your etsy order!
I then put the scratch off sticker on a piece of paper and stamped it with "Scratch Me". 
I completed it all by putting the business card, a little bit of confetti and the scratch me sticker in a kraft envelope and sealed it with washi paper tape! I am super excited to get my etsy shop back up and stocked with goodies so I can put these in with outgoing orders!


  1. So, so cute! Will you link to the etsy store once it's up and running?

  2. Thank you Molly! As soon as my etsy shop is up and running I will post a link on the blog!