Saturday, November 1, 2014

the new york museum of postal history.

I recently spent the weekend in one of my favorite cities with my best friend and she luckily let me drag her to The New York Museum of Postal History. The tiny museum is located inside the James A. Farley Post Office.

The James A. Farley Post office is one of the largest post offices in the USA.This post office itself is something to take in just due to its large size and great structure.
Tucked away on the right hand side of the post office is a very tiny (and do I mean tiny) museum of postal history. There is a display of different mailboxes from a few different countries as well as the only known four sided mailbox circa 1929. 
There were also a few mail delivery systems on display such as a bicycle and a horse drawn wagon.
And last but not least a small little area that talked about the postal history.
Overall, the museum within the postal service was very tiny but filled with fun things. It is worth taking a look if you ever find yourself in New York City with a few minutes to spare!

James A. Farley Post Office
421 8th Ave. 
New York, NY 10001
Between 31st and 33rd Street

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