Monday, November 17, 2014

stamps in season.

 It's Here, It's Here! The new issue of Stamps in Season has arrived!

As always, the page spreads are very nicely designed with photographs of the new stamps! It also contains tips for sending fun holiday mail!

Some of the tips included in this edition of Stamps in Season are:
• Greetings from Holidays Past
      • Save the Christmas cards you receive this year, and give them new life next year with a little creative handiwork. You can turn them into...
          • Gift Tags
          • Postcards
          • Place Settings for Holiday Meals
          • Recipe Cards for Christmas Cookies
          • Homemade Ornaments

• Advice from a Gingerbread Architect
      • Bake the gingerbread when humidity is low, since moisture can cause the cookie to soften and become less sturdy.
      • If you're making your own pattern, cut the pieces out of cardboard and tape them together to see how they fit. 
      • Give yourself plenty of time. After constructing the frame, let the icing dry before adding the extra weight of candy. 
      • If your house is large and needs extra support, make reinforcements out of gingerbread or candy sticks and apply them to the inside corners using icing.

• Crafting your Holiday Letter
       • DO
          • Share the highlights of your year
          • Keep it positive
          • Be personal yet humble
          • Share funny stories
          • Include a family photo
          • Include a short handwritten note

      • DON'T
          • Recount every single event
          • Share bad news
          • Talk only about your kids' talents
          • Use sarcasm (the tone might get lost)
          • Send multiple shots of each person
          • Forget to proofread (especially names)

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