Thursday, October 16, 2014

old school letter folding. pull me version.

Man oh man, do I remember passing so many notes to my friends during high school. I would always carry markers in my backpack to make my letters as colorful as I could make them. I would then fold them in all sorts of different styles and pass them to my friends in the hallway or slip the note in their locker between classes.

I started thinking about all of the ways I used to fold my notes and wanted to do a little throw back thursday with a guide on how to do some of the various folds I remember doing in high school. The first one we will start with is the "Pull Me" version.

• First start with a sheet of notebook paper.
• Next, fold the paper in half horizontally. Open it back up. Bring all four corners toward the center crease. Then fold both flat sides towards the center crease also. 
• Fold pointed edges down until it meets the gap formed by the two sides. Flip paper over and fold first side at base of pointed edge. Repeat on opposite side. You should have a rectangle piece of paper folded into three equal columns at this point. 
• Lastly, tuck the corners from one side into the flaps of the other side. 

• Write Pull on pointed edge and you are DONE!

Do you have a favorite old school fold that you used to do in high school? If so, I would love to hear what it was!

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