Sunday, July 20, 2014

post offices and postboxes of ireland.

I had the most AMAZING time in Ireland with my husband. If you ever get a chance to go to Ireland, do it! Every town had their own unique post office and I made sure to capture them all!
We first had a layover in Manchester, England and was beyond excited when I found Paperchase, a paper store, in our terminal of the airport! I bought a few things of course. 

And then a Royal Mail mailbox from England!

The postbox and post office in Milltown, where we stayed our first two nights of the trip! I stopped in to buy stamps for my postcards! The ladies working in their were very nice and got me exactly what I needed!
Sitting in a local coffee shop writing out my postcards to mail!

Mailing off my postcards!
Postbox in Galway!

Post office in Galway!

Postbox in Galway! I think this was my favorite. I love how it was built into the stone wall!
Post office in Kinsale!

Letterslot in the side of a hotel wall in Kinsale! The manager thought it was funny that I was taking a picture of the letter slot. I told him that I love mail, and he offered me a job polishing it everyday! Sir, If I lived here I would!

Post office in Cork!

I hope you enjoyed my tour of Ireland through post offices and post boxes!

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