Tuesday, May 7, 2013

stationery goodies.

I wanted to share my great buys with you while I was in Paris!
I got a bunch of the "crazy envelopes". I bought four of them in singles, as I did not know how well they would mail so I wanted to try them first before buying whole packages of them. I did buy a whole pack of the ones in the bottom left corner. I loved the way the flap looked, and how great will those look with the wax seal to close it. swoon! I also picked up a pack of paper tape that looked like kraft paper.

The metal sign at the top translates to mailbox! I thought that would look great hanging in my house. I didn't get that at the paper store though, I picked that up at another store BHV.

A close up of the wax seal stamp I bought. It looks like a postage stamp with the eiffel tower and Paris on it! I also bought a pack of three colored waxes. Black, Dark Green and Light Green. I can not wait to put these to great use!

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