Wednesday, April 6, 2011

please write: don't phone

While there is mail there is hope.
After we have hung up I can't recall
Your words, and your voice sounds strange
Whether from distance, a bad cold, deceit,
I don't know. When you call I'm asleep
Or bathing or my mouth is full of toast.
I can't think of what to say.
"We have rain"? "We have snow"?
Let us write instead: surely our fingers spread out
With pen on paper touch more of the mind's flesh
Than the sound waves moving from throat to lips
To phone, through wire, to one ear.
I can touch the paper you touch.
I can see you undressed in your calligraphy.
I can read you over and over.
I can read you day after day.
I can wait at the mailbox with my hair combed,
In my best suit.
I hang up. What did you say?
What did you say? Your phone call is gone.
I hold the envelope you addressed in my hand.
I hold the skin that covers you.

-Robert Watson


  1. PS I'm blackbird 4-do you collect stamps?

  2. Hi! I do actually collect stamps! I like to collect and use them in fun ways! I am thinking of having a post on craft project to do with stamps! do you collect stamps?

  3. Oh that was so beautiful! I love the line "I can touch the paper you touch." That's how I feel when I send letters to loved ones.