Friday, April 1, 2011

handmade stationery.

I love to make handmade envelopes! Here are some that I made from NYC subway maps! Stationery sets for sale in my etsy shop!
Different cities available:
• NYC subway
• Charleston
• Ocean City, MD
• Asheville
If you don't see any that you want just message me.. I have a TON of maps and can make any of the cities listed above!

Start off your letter writing month with some adorable stationery sets!


  1. I LOVE making handmade stationary. These look very nice. It's always fun to find what things you can use. And I had no idea it was national letter writing month. I should catch up with old friends.

    -Akhenaten (Blog Friends! Swap)

  2. I'm in Ireland and I've never heard of anyone making their own envelopes !!they look lovely

  3. thank you very much!! I love making envelopes! I like to use them for my own letters and I also sell them in my etsy shop!