Monday, April 20, 2015

tiny treehouse treasure. tilden regional park.

While on my recent visit to San Francisco, my husband and I made the drive to Tilden Regional Park to view the Tiny Treehouse Treasure!

We started to walk where the two paths (Curran Trail and Wildcat Gorge Trail) meet and to our surprise we found it right away! I was so excited I squealed!

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Can you spot the tiny treasure in the tree?

I love this adorable little kitten drawing with a cardboard frame to help decorate the walls of the treehouse.

I left greetings from Virginia with my blog link on a piece of paper inside.

I just love all the little details this tiny tree treasure has to offer. Every time I looked inside I found something else that made me smile. 

The treehouse has changed in appearance since the original blog posting, but I think that adds to the charm of this great find. Some people take some things and other people leave some things, so you never know what you will find in this tiny treehouse in the middle of Tilden Regional Park.

If you ever find yourself in the Berkeley area of CA, I highly suggest you stop by the park and check out this little gem in the middle of the city!

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