Wednesday, April 1, 2015

stamps: from me to you

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The From Me To You stamp is unique, featuring not only stamps, but also an interactive element in the form of decals and labels for decorating envelopes, letters, and greeting cards. The stamps each bear the words "From Me To You" in capital letters. Surrounding the rows of stamps are colorful self-adhesive stickers. The eleven labels at the top of the sheet, in the shapes of hearts, circles, and rectangles, carry messages such as "Happy Birthday," "Miss You," "Thank You," and "Get Well Soon." Along the sides and bottom of the sheet are decorative decals including hearts, envelopes, flowers, mailboxes, and a kiss. the artist chose bright jewel tones and primary colors to reflect the happy, playful personality of the stamp design.

The From Me To You stamp is being issued as a Forever® stamp. 

You can read more about the From Me To You stamp here.

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