Wednesday, December 18, 2013

locks of love.

Do you guys have a Bucket List?

I created mine several years ago, and continue to add things to it as well as check things off that have been completed. One of those was mailing a very special package off this morning.
I have always wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, so I was beyond excited to finally be able to do it and send my hair off in the mail this morning.

I have always had thin hair and because of that have kept it short since college. I always wanted long hair but realized short hair looks better and fuller. One my husband proposed two years ago next month I decided to grow my hair out so I could have a nice updo for our wedding. I figured since it finally started to have some length on it, that it was the perfect time to continue letting it grow and once it reached the length it needed to be I would cut it off and donate it! Man, does my hair grow super slow!! It took almost two years to get it to 10 inches. 

I was so excited when I finally made my appointment to get it cut off! I won't lie though, I was really nervous when she put it in the ponytail and started cutting it all off, but once it was cut I felt fantastic. She ended up cutting a little over 11 inches off! I love knowing that my hair will help with a great cause and help young adults feel more confident!

Do you want to know more about how you can donate your hair towards a great cause? Check out Locks of Love website for more information.

I thought I would share a Before and After picture with you guys too...



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