Friday, November 1, 2013

pumpkin pie postcard.

Remember the cake postcard I showed a while back?

If pie is more your style, check out these pumpkin pie postcards!
Image from: SheKnows
Gather your Supplies:
• 4x6" piece of upholstery foam (found in hobby or craft stores)
• 4x6" piece of cream colored mat board or cardboard (found in hobby or craft stores)
• 1 bottle of yellow ochre craft paint (for the sides of the pie)
• 1 bottle of honey brown craft paint (for the top of the pie)
• 1 tube of almond or biscuit colored tub & wall caulk 
• 1 tube of white tub & wall caulk 

And then check out SheKnows instructions on how to make these awesome pumpkin postcards!

p.s. These would be adorable for thanksgiving!

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