Monday, December 8, 2014

christmas, fl.

This year we spent Thanksgiving in Florida with my fantastic in-laws and while we were down there visiting I decided to send my Christmas cards from a little town called Christmas, Florida! After being in the car for 13 hours, the next morning we got up and drove another hour or so to Christmas.
I was so excited! We arrive at the post office and I jump out of the car with all of my Christmas cards in hand. It is a small little post office which just adds to its charm. 

Just inside the post office they have a Christmas Tree and a cute white mailbox for "Letters to Santa". From what I have read, it stays decorated like this year-round! I snapped a few photos with my mom and all of our cards. A man was checking is P.O. Box and was like "oh, no it's starting." We all got a laugh out of that.

We were so excited, we were next in line and I tell Gary, the man behind the counter, that we drove 13 hours and are so excited to have our Christmas cards postmarked from Christmas, FL this year. We then become defeated when he tells us that they don't start putting the special postmark on envelopes until December 1st! NOOO! My mom and I step out of line to discuss what we should do. I call Zach (he stayed in the car) to see if we could come back on Monday on our way back home. We decide thats a bad idea, as it is an hour out of our way. I ask Gary if they can hold the mail until Monday explaining how far we had driven and he told us that they were not allowed to do that. We decided to just leave the mail and suck it up as a loss. At least the cards would have their standard Christmas, FL postmark which was better than nothing.
Gary stamped a postcard for me with their standard postmark to keep.
Me, my Mom and my Mother In-Law standing outside of the Christmas, FL post office!

P.S.- This story does have a very exciting ending... On the way back to Mount Dora I decided to call the post office. Gary answered the phone, and I asked him just to verify that the postmark our cards would get was not going to be the Christmas one. (Everyone in the car is laughing so hard at this point!)  Gary said that the postmaster had just come in after we left and because we had traveled so far they would postmark our cards with the special Christmas, FL postmark!!! I was BEYOND excited! I thanked Gary a million times and let him know that he had made our day!


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