Tuesday, August 5, 2014

stamps in season.

I just received the new issue of Stamps in Season by the U.S. Postal Service®!
Once again, the page spreads are nicely designed with photographs of the new stamps in full sheets and in use on envelopes! It also contains tips for sending good mail!

Some of the tips included in this edition of Stamps in Season are:
• Sharing Recipes through the mail 
      •Share your favorite recipes through the mail. Send a recipe to a few friends, along with a note asking them to send one of their favorites back. 
• Envelope Art
      • Add a little intrigue to the front or back of your envelope with pretty hand-drawn flourishes.
• Traveling Tips
      • Hitting the Road? Keep your kids busy with pen and paper. Find a unique card in each destination, and mail greetings back to family and friends. Or, send yourself a letter from each spot so you have a record of your trip.
• The way you send your mail sends a message.
       • Make an impression with Personalized Stamped Envelopes and Cards-sets arrive pre-printed with Forever® postage, your return address, and even a customized message. Choose from a variety of designs, formats, and colors, and create an impression that is uniquely you. Find out more at usps.com/pse

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