Wednesday, February 12, 2014

valentines, va.

This past Saturday I took a little road trip to Valentines, VA! I have been planning this little road trip for almost a year now and was really excited! The town of Valentines isn't even really a town but more of a community within Brunswick County. There is one building offering up expressions of love. The Valentines, VA Post Office!

Outside of the Post Office from the street.

The front porch and Post Office sign.

The Post Office is combined inside this tiny building with Wright's General Merchandise. The two have shared this small space since 1935. When you step inside you step back in time. Coca-Colas sold in glass bottles, an old stove and rocking chairs. The Post Office dates back to William H. Valentine, the town's namesake who served as the first postmaster from 1887-1911.

Mr. Wright bought the store took over as postmaster in 1951. He unknowingly started what would become a sensation! Embracing the town's name, he began rubber-stamping the mail with an emblem-featuring a heart and dogwood blossoms-that he designed himself.
Finishing up stuffing some of my letters!

My mom and I patiently waiting our turn!

The mail ladies working hard!

Sorting all my of valentines!

While we were there we overheard that there is a possibility this gem of a Post Office could be closing down. To hear that breaks my heart. Kathy did say that if it does not close, than most likely the hours would be reduced. I hope that the Postal Service realizes what a gem this place is and keeps it open.

I have found my new yearly tradition for my Valentines! If you would like your valentine's day cards postmarked from Valentines, VA next year than mail your pre-stamped cards in a larger envelope to:

Valentine VA US Post Office
23 Manning Drive
Valentine, VA 23887

Read more about this great Post Office here.

Post Office Contact Information here.

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