Saturday, September 14, 2013

received with love.

Zach always says he is not a good gift giver. I say he is wrong!

He picked up some great things for me while he was in Berlin:

He got me four adorable cat and mouse notecards. Who doesn't love a good notecard with a cat on it! He also picked up some cute postcards and an East Berlin notebook. I always carry a notebook with me, so that was perfect.

He also got me a cupcake pin and awesome cupcake berlin tote bag!

Zach and I went to Berlin together when we first started dating and I was fascinated with their crosswalk guys. They are completely different than ours in the states and super cute. They even have little hats on! Anyways, I had asked him to get me some candy with these little guys on them and he did way better than that. He got me a coffee mug, a wine stopper and cookie cutters! LOVE!

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