Wednesday, August 28, 2013

teton wagon train pony express.

Last week my husband and I went on a covered wagon and horse adventure with one of my best friends and her husband. It was an amazing week! On the very last day of the adventure the Pony Express came riding through camp and delivered us all mail. I was so excited! 
Here he is delivering the mail bag! After he threw the bag, he hopped off of the horse and onto a new horse and took off.

Once we were all around the camp site they did a mail call and delivered all of the mail! I had written a letter to Zach as well as Amanda and Jason so they would get mail too. I had given the address out to a few of my friends and family, but boy was I surprised at the amount of mail that Zach and I received! My mom had given out the address to a ton of people, so we had a huge stack of letters delivered to us by Pony Express!
Here is the stack of mail that Zach and I received! It was so great sitting around and reading all the letters!
And to top it all off, each letter was hand stamped with the Teton Wagon Train Pony Express Stamp! Love!

p.s. Interested in going on a covered wagon and horse adventure? Check out Teton Wagon Train & Horse Adventure! You will not be disappointed!

p.p.s. I will do a blog post soon on the history of the Pony Express!

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