Tuesday, January 29, 2013

postage costs rise.

Postage has gone up once again...

But lets be honest, 46¢ to brighten someones day with a letter in their mailbox is nothing!

Here is the run down of the new costs of postage:

• Postcards increase by making them now 33¢

• Parcel Post is now called Standard Mail

• Letters increase by  for the first ounce making them now 46¢ and increase 20¢ for each additional ounce on regular and large letters

• Large Letters increase by  for the first ounce making them now 92¢ 

• Priority Flat Rate envelopes increase to $5.60 

• First Class Packages increase by 12¢ for the first ounce making them now $2.07

• Priority Small Flat Rate boxes increase to $5.80 

• Global Forever is $1.10 for the first ounce everywhere 

New USPS rates effective January 27, 2013

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