Tuesday, May 17, 2011

make your letters extra pretty.

I promised you a few inserts from the new book I received in the mail and here is the first of few...

This is from page 180 in "The Happy Book"

The art of letter writing is being lost in this age of email and IM-ing. Spend some time writing a letter to someone and then mail it. Here are some ideas to make your letters extra pretty:

• Photocopy a favorite photograph and write you letter on the back
• Write each paragraph in a different pen color
• Write a short note to your friend each day for a week. Number the notes, and send them off. Instruct your reader top open  a letter a day, and then ask her to repeat the process with you.
• Go rubber stamp crazy and make your own hand-stamped stationery. Even the most no-frills craft store has hundreds of cute and quirky stamps and a rainbow of ink pads. It's crafting at its easiest. 
• Doodle like mad!

I have a huge collection of stickers, colored pens, postage stamps, and japanese tape! I like to decorate the envelopes so when someone sees it in their mailbox they know they have something fun waiting to be opened! I like to make my own stationery (notecards and envelopes) as well!

Do you have any other ideas? How do you make your letters extra pretty?

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