Sunday, February 2, 2014

letters in a pill box.

I saw an adorable idea on Pinterest a while back about filling a pill box with candies and little letters to send to a friend who isn't feeling well.

I was at Target about a month or so ago and found these adorable red pill boxes in their dollar section! I stocked up on them so I could create this cute idea whenever I had a friend that needed a little pick me up!
Arn't these the cutest little pill boxes?

I filled each section with various small candies (tic-tacs, m&m's and jolly ranchers). I found cute quotes online about feeling better, printed them out and put them in each section with the candy.

An example of one of the quotes I put inside the section with m&m's!

I think these are just the cutest little pick me up for a friend that needs it. Once it's all filled just place it in an envelope and send it on its way!

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